Practice Tests

Prepare students for next generation, standards-based assessments in English Language Arts with ReadyTest A-Z Practice Tests in our interactive Kids A-Z student-learning environment. Build students' confidence, stamina, and skills by delivering a collection of Practice Tests that include questions and tasks similar to those found on rigorous, end-of-year tests.

Rationales for answers are provided when students attempt to correct missed questions. Self-correction with supporting rationales helps students to better analyze text in order to answer evidenced-based and higher-order thinking questions any time they encounter them in the future.

Online Practice Tests provide experience with technology-enhanced questions that require skills such as drag-and-drop and text highlighting. Providing multiple opportunities to answer technology-enhanced questions prior to taking high-stakes tests will give students the confidence and experience needed to be successful.

Technology-enhanced items include at least one of the following skills:
  • Click or tap
  • Type text using a text editor
  • Use text highlighter
  • Scroll
  • Use video player
  • Drag and drop
  • Unselect
Online Practice Tests provide advantages over traditional paper-pencil tests:
  • Students use technology-enhanced questions that assess critical thinking.
  • Reports provide useful data at a glance regarding specific skills to inform instruction.
  • Automated scoring on most test items eases grading and time demands.
  • Items that need scoring are sent directly to your In Basket in the Kids A-Z management hub to be graded at your convenience using a handy rubric.