Grade 3

Instruction on Reading Skills & Standards

Use leveled books and other resources on Reading A-Z to support specific skill instruction once you have identified student instructional needs using the Reports in your Kids A-Z management hub.

Ensure that students become skilled and confident with reading, writing, and technology tasks that help them answer high-stakes, English Language Arts test items. Each Practice Test delivers an experience designed to simulate standards-based, end-of year assessment.

Questions require students to use high-order thinking skills and closely read one or two passages representing multiple text types. Passages and questions gradually increase in length and difficulty as students move through the sequence of grade-appropriate tests.

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Practice Test 4

  • A Visit to Kitt Peak (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 5

  • How Glooskap Found Summer (Fiction)

Practice Test 6

  • The Legend of Nessie (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 11

  • Clouds, Wind, and Storms (Nonfiction)
  • Just the Wind (Fiction)

Practice Test 12

  • Alaska's Land and History (Nonfiction)
  • Alaska Today (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 13

  • The Tohono O'odham (Nonfiction)
  • The Bedouin (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 14

  • The Sahara (Nonfiction)
  • The Atacama (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 15

  • Art Around Us (Nonfiction)
  • Vincent's Bedroom (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 16

  • Plight of the Polar Bears (Nonfiction)
  • Giant Pandas (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 17

  • What Is the Flu? (Nonfiction)
  • History of the Flu (Nonfiction)

Practice Test 18

  • Horseshoes Aren't Just For Good Luck (Nonfiction)
  • Bats in the Attic (Fiction)

Practice Test 19

  • Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow (Nonfiction)
  • Robin Hood and the King (Fiction)

Practice Test 20

  • Born a Slave (Nonfiction)
  • Leading Others to Freedom (Nonfiction)