ReadyTest A-Z Materials Guide

Online Practice Tests and Test-Taking Skill and Strategy Lessons

ReadyTest A-Z provides teachers with practice sessions and instructional resources to help kids become test-ready. Materials include a collection of grade-appropriate online or print Practice Tests, as well as series of teacher-led Test-Taking Skill and Strategy Lessons that model critical test-taking skills and strategies found on today's high-stakes assessments.

ReadyTest A-Z Materials

Practice Tests

ReadyTest A-Z comes with a complete collection of test sessions in online and print formats that replicate the various types of tasks and written responses found on next generation assessments. Each session provides experience with technology-enhanced questions, such as drag-and-drop and highlighting.

Source Types

  • Informational text
  • Persuasive text
  • Narrative text
  • Plays
  • Poetry

Item types

  • Single-answer multiple choice
  • Two-part multiple choice
  • Multiple-answer multiple choice
  • Tech enhanced items, including click and drag, highlighting, and labeling
  • Constructed prose
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Test-Taking Skill and Strategy Lessons

ReadyTest A-Z features a series of teacher-delivered lessons that model important test-taking skills and strategies for success on today's next generation assessments.

  • Preview Lessons
    help students read various texts and questions types effectively.
  • Stamina-Building Lessons
    build up students' test-taking stamina.
  • Close Reading Lessons
    teach students to think critically about text organization and word choice.
  • Comprehension-Monitoring Lessons
    show students how to ensure they understand what they read.
  • Question Analysis Lessons
    help students understand the language and structure of various question types.
  • Put It All Together Lessons
    incorporates all the skills and strategies learned into a fun wrap-up game.