ReadyTest A-Z Product Overview

Effective High-Stakes Test-Readiness Resources for Kids

With the implementation of new high-stakes assessments and changing English Language Arts standards across the country, teachers need an affordable test-readiness resource like never before. ReadyTest A-Z is a new website from Learning A-Z that provides teachers the tools they need to build students' test-taking stamina and model critical skills and strategies prevalent on next generation ELA assessments. ReadyTest A-Z provides access to grade-appropriate Practice Tests and Test-Taking Skills and Strategy Lessons that prepare kids for the various types of questions found on next generation ELA assessments.

Next Generation ELA Assessment Practice and Instruction

ReadyTest A-Z's test-readiness materials are divided into two categories: Practice Tests and Test-Taking Skill and Strategy Lessons. The site contains a series of grade-appropriate practice sessions that gradually increase in difficulty and length, and are designed to improve students' test-taking stamina. Additional printable and projectable teacher-delivered lessons model critical test-taking skills and strategies, and provide students with opportunities for practice in various text structures.

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